During regular season competition played between teams of different classifications, there will be no overtime procedure invoked when regulation play ends with a tie score, unless both coaches agree and inform the match officials prior to the start of the match.

During regular season competition between schools in the same classification, and during region/area and state playoff competition, the overtime procedure listed below with be invoked:

1. The overtime will consist of two (2) five-minute periods.

2. If the score remains tied following the overtime periods, a “shootout” of penalty kicks will determine the winner.

3. A coin toss shall take place to determine which team will put the ball in play for the first overtime period.

  • The head referee shall choose the goal at which the penalty kicks will be taken.

  • Each coach will select any five eligible players (including goalkeeper) to take the kicks.

  • A coin toss shall be held with the team winning the toss having the choice of kicking first or last.

  • Teams will alternate kickers, and there is no follow-up on the kicks.

  • The defending team may change goalkeepers prior to each kick.

  • Following the five (5) kicks from each team, the teams with the greater number of successful kicks will be given one (1) point and declared the winner.

  • If the same number of penalty kicks are successful for each team, each coach will select five (5) different eligible players who will kick in a “sudden victory” situation. NOTE: Each team will have an opportunity to kick in each round of the “sudden victory” situation.

  • If there is no “sudden victory” after the five (5) kicks, keep repeating the process until a winner is determined


Mercy Rule

In accordance with the National Federation allowance for a state adoption (Rule 7-2), when there is a competitive imbalance between the teams, the match will be shortened as follows:

1. If a team is seven (7) or more goals down at the midpoint of the first half, that will be considered the end of the half, and the teams will play a twenty (20) minute second half.

2. If a team is seven (7) or more goals behind at halftime, the second half will be restricted to twenty (20) minutes.

3. When a team is ten (10) or more goals behind in the second half, the game will be terminated.